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Repair Rheem 12 Continuous Flow

Rheem 12 Continuous Flow Hot Water Service Repairs

It was a crisp Monday morning in spring and everything was looking up at Jim’s Plumbing with our plumbers ready to head off to their first jobs after the staff briefing. We received a call from a customer in the office to attend a hot water system which was not producing any hot water.

They were quite desperate as it was a family with a small baby. Luckily, we always have a plumber or two on standby and was able to have someone at the property within the hour.

The plumber attending arrived at the property in a clearly marked van and dressed smartly in his plumber’s uniform. All our plumbers have been well trained in customer service as well as being on top of their game at plumbing and gas. As such he was able to reassure the customer and had a diagnosis for our customer in no time.

The Rheem 12 Continuous Flow which was on the property had been installed by none other than yours truly a few years prior. It is an excellent hot water system providing a continuous flow of hot water at 12 litres a minute suitable to a 1-2 bathroom household. It also only heats up water as it is used and has a 5.9-star energy rating thus saving our customers both water and gas in the long runs. Our customers even told our plumber that they have been immensely happy with the hot water system up to this point.

Once again, our plumber reassured our customer explaining that the hot water system simply needed a service and a few worn out parts replaced. He had the job done in a jiffy and is a qualified plumber, was able to complete the job without forfeiting the customer’s warranty from the manufacturer. Our customers were certainly pleased about that.

At the end of the job, payment was hassle free as they were able to pay using their credit card on the EFTPOS machine carried by our plumber. He then left them with an itemised receipt explaining the job that had been completed and also with peace of mind that all our jobs by a plumber from Jim’s Plumbing is fully warrantied.

For your next plumbing experience call us to have a plumber from Jim’s Plumbing to attend at your nearest convenience. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service