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Repair Leaking Bosch Highflow 17e External Hot Water Unit

On a chilly winter morning, one of our friendly call centre operators received a call from a mother of two. She had woken up to no hot water in their house and a leaking hot water system. Frantically trying to get her kids ready for school and herself ready for work, she called Jim’s Plumbing to book in a plumber as soon as she could.

We were able to get the plumber out there in the very first time frame of the day, however, unfortunately, because of the customer’s shift work, she advised she wouldn’t be able to be onsite during the plumber’s attendance, but allowed for us to attend site with full access to the hot water system due to it being an external system.

When the plumber arrived to site, he noticed the hot water system he was diagnosing was natural gas, continuous flow, Bosch Highflow 17e system. Upon assessing the system, he immediately noticed that the hot water system was leaking quite steadily. Due to his experience on various hot water systems, the plumber was able to identify the problem almost immediately, finding the heat exchanger was the part of the hot water system leaking.

Once identifying the issue, the plumber was able to give the customer a call to advise what the issue was with the hot water system. The plumber attended site with a fully stocked van, so he was able to carry out the work by replacing the heat exchanger for the hot water system. The Bosch Highflow 17e is popular for its compact design making the appearance neat and out of the way, it has a 6 star energy efficiency rating and a continuous flow technology. Another advantage of this hot water system is the 3 year parts and labour warranty* and the 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger*. Unfortunately, in this case, the warranty had expired for the customer, but due to our plumber having expert gas and plumbing experience, he was able to find a resolution for our customer, no problem.

A great advantage of using Jim’s Plumbing is the fact the customer was able to book in for a plumber to attend to site with same day services knowing she was leaving her hot water system issue in the hands of a professional. Our customer was able to come home after a long day at work and picking the kids up and had the leisure of being able to relax with a nice hot shower.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service