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Repair Bosch Pilot Ignition 13P Gas Instant Hot water System

A new customer contacted our customer service team at Jim’s Plumbing this morning advising that there may be an issue with their Bosch 13P Pilot Gas Instant Hot water system and they were looking for a qualified plumber to get out to them as soon as possible.

The customer explained that the pilot light has been going out frequently and they have been needing to hold down the button to light it again for long periods of time each time it goes out.

We were able to send one of our experienced local plumbers to the customer within the hour* to take a look and see how we could assist. Upon inspection, the plumber could see that the thermocouple had failed and needed replacing, we gave the customer a fixed price to go ahead with the replacement and the customer was happy for us to do this as he was worried that he would need a whole new unit put in.

The customer also realized while the plumber was fixing this that he had a few issues around the house that needed to be checked.  There was an outdoor BBQ that hadn’t been used in a few years that he had been meaning to get capped off but just hadn’t got around to organizing.  As all of our plumbers are qualified gas fitters, the plumber was able to go ahead and cap off the gas that was connected to the BBQ so the customer could use the gas line for a new outdoor heater that he had been planning to put in the entertainment area.

The customer also spoke to the plumber about a garden tap that he had noticed had recently become really difficult to turn off, the plumber was able to fix this as well before he left.

The customer service team contacted the customer as soon as the plumber left to make sure that he was 100% satisfied with the work that had been done and we made sure that our sticker was placed on the hot water system with our direct contact number just in case he needed to call us in future.  The customer advised that he was very happy with the plumber and that he would definitely use our services in the future as he wasn’t expecting to get a plumber as soon as he did.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service