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Repair Bosch 250 Instantaneous Internal Hot Water System

Repair Bosch 250 Instantaneous Internal Hot Water System

Jim’s Plumbing had a repeat customer call us today as they had recently moved into a brand new property and had found their hot water to be inconsistent and have noticed it seems like an old unit.

Our customer requested that they have the same plumber attend for them as he had previously, and of course, we were able to find the earliest convenient timeframe for the customer.

Upon attending we found a Bosch unit which is shown in the picture provided – an internal hot water unit. This older model had been installed in a laundry quite a few years back.

At Jim’s Plumbing we are constantly replacing and repairing all types of Bosch instant hot water systems on a daily basis, giving us extensive knowledge on them and learning more and more on a daily basis.

This particular hot water unit required a full service. This full service includes replacing the diaphragm kit in the water section, cleaning the main burners and cleaning the pilot light, testing the gas and water pressures and finally testing the unit in full for soundness.

The customer also mentioned to our hot water system specialist that they have experienced the pilot light having to constantly be relit. However, at this stage, they did not have a problem with simply relighting until the timing was right for a new unit to be installed.

Back when this Bosch instantaneous was first made and installed, Bosch had the monopoly of the instantaneous market, however, over the years other brands have started making their version of this type of unit. This has given plumbers and customers a far better choice and option when searching for a new one to be installed.

The unit shown had a low energy efficiency of only three stars, which in today’s terms is extremely low considering most of the newer continuous flow/instantaneous hot water heaters are reaching a high of 5-6 + stars. Making them far more efficient to run resulting in money-saving for the customer.

Our customer was happy that the plumber was able to give them a fix for right now and how quickly it could be done, and ask that when the time is right to install a new system for them, and of course we will be there to help out in any way we can – job big or small.

The customer then explained to our customer service manager, that rings our customer after the job to ensure satisfaction that they can’t recommend us enough!

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