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Radiant 135L Gas Storage 135AN Hot Water System

Radiant 135L Gas Storage 135AN Hot Water System

Last week Jim’s Plumbing call centre received a frantic call from a new customer, who had found our number online using Google. He was experiencing difficulties with his Dux Radiant 135L gas storage hot water system, which had been installed at his property in 2011.

Since that time, the system had been a reliable source of hot water for himself, his partner and their three children, however over the past week he had started to notice a continuous trickle of water from the machine.

Like any sensible parent, he was worried that the system was on the way out, and wanted to get Jim’s plumber to assess the situation so he could decide how to proceed before his children had to experience the shock of a cold shower!

Luckily for this customer, one of our expert plumbers was just finishing up on a job in the area and was able to be onsite within an hour! The customer was pleased to note that the plumber was dressed professionally in full uniform and was ready to go from the moment he arrived on site.

One of the common problems that can cause the Dux Radiant 135AN unit to produce a continuous trickle of hot water can be the build-up of foreign material such as sand, silt or mould. This affects the relief valve and it may be possible for a resolution to be reached by gently elevating the relief valve’s easing lever for a short period then lowering the lever back down.

Within minutes of arriving on site, our expert plumber was able to determine that this was, in fact, the case and was able to dislodge a number of small particles from the relief valve, fixing the fault. Once completing the work and checking the system for any other signs of wear and tear, our plumber advised the customer that in order to avoid recurrence of this issue, it would be pertinent for the owner to perform a six monthly service on the Dux Radiant 135L gas storage hot water system.

This would involve elevating the easing lever on top of the pressure and temperature relief valve for around 10 seconds. During this time, the customer should see water exiting the system to waste via the relief drain pipe, and also check that the valve is opening and closing adequately.

The customer was impressed with the plumber’s competency and knowledge, and happy that the advice he had been given would assist him to maintain the Dux Radiant 135AN hot water heater more appropriately in the future.

Another aspect of our service that swept the customer of his feet was the ability to pay via credit card, as each of our Jim’s Plumbers carry an Eftpos machine in their vans for your convenience!

If you require assistance with your Dux Radiant 135L gas storage hot water tank, contact Jim’s Plumbing!

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15 Years of Service