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Pyrox 250 Gas Internal Hot Water Heater

Replace Pyrox 250 Gas Internal Hot Water Unit

Jim’s Plumbing strives to provide the best customer service from start to finish of every job. Here at the company, every customer is treated on an individual case-to-case basis just as every employee in the company is an individual and appreciated as such.

On a regular weekday last week, our plumber was called out to a job where the customer’s indoor hot water system which provided hot water to the kitchen had stopped producing hot water. The customers were rather distressed but our staff at the booking centre were able to dissipate the situation and had a job booked in for a same day attendance.

The plumber arrived at the property in a fully equipped van and in a smart plumber uniform with the intention of fixing the job up for the customers upon arrival. Our plumber had a thorough look over of the current hot water system and had a diagnosis ready within minutes. The system that was currently in the customer’s home was unfortunately beyond repair.

In such an instance, our plumbers preferentially provide a quotation to supply and install alike hot water system. It was our customer’s bad luck that in this case, the hot water system which they had was a Pyrox 250 gas internal system was no longer manufactured. The plumber put some quick calculations together and had a quotation for a different brand hot water system to be installed.

Our customers decided to sit on the quote for a few days before deciding as to installation. Fortunately, our plumbers all carry printers on board and was able to print out a copy of the quote which had a 30 day limit. Due to the competitive process offered by Jim’s Plumbing, we were called back within the week to install a new system for our customers.

The plumber sourced a hot water service from our warehouse immediately and headed off to the job. The customers were pleased as to how quickly the service was provided. There were also greatly enchanted at the prospect of securing a brand new hot water service on an interest free plan**.

As such there was no out of pocket cost and they were able to have hot water returned to their kitchen almost immediately. At the end of the day, here at Jim’s Plumbing, customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority. It is no wonder that we have so many loyal customers. No Interest Ever!** payment plan options availableĀ on hot water heater replacements to help ease any financial stress this burden may cause. If your hot water heater is leaking, or you have no hot water, we can often have a plumber to you within the hour*.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service