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Prompt Service on Rinnai 26 Enviro Hot Water System

Jim’s Plumbing Prompt Service on Rinnai 26 Enviro Hot Water System

Jim’s Plumbing attended a property today to replace an old hot water unit that was only intermittently producing hot water. The family had an issue with it taking longer and longer to obtain hot water in the house particularly during winter.

Our plumber attended and diagnosed the problem immediately. He was able to give the customer an all-inclusive quote which they accepted. He discovered that the family’s unit was not only old but also not current with regulations. This meant that the old hot water unit was both unsafe as well as un-economical for the family. Besides supply and install of the hot water system, the quotation from the plumber also included all updates and safety features to cover the family for the warranty of the product.

All our Jim’s Plumbing plumbers are also fully licensed for gas fitting as well as plumbing. This ensured that the customers did not have to have multiple tradesmen out to have their unit installed.

The plumber ensured that the family was given the best choice that would suit their needs. In this case, the Rinnai 26 Enviro is a gas-run unit which uses less gas than the average gas hot water unit and produces 1/6 of greenhouse emissions compared to other units. It is an Australian design* and has a 6 star rating. Perfect for our environmentally and economically conscious family.

The Rinnai 26 Enviro is also an instantaneous hot water unit that ensures there are no limits to the amount of hot water produced for the family any day. It is ideal for a busy family and working professionals. No more cold showers for this family especially on a busy winter’s morning.

The unit comes in a modern titanium finish adding to the aesthetics of the property; not simply a functional unit. Couple that with its light weight of only 29kg, it is suitable for any building. Trust a plumber from Jim’s Plumbing to take care of both your plumbing problems as well as making it look good.

The plumber also kept in mind all the safety aspects that the family were likely to run into. He updated the unit to be current with all gas and water regulations. He put down a fire-proof sheet behind the unit which is on a timber support that could have been a potential fire hazard. Lastly, he made sure that all the pipework was updated to insulated pipes. This is the reason the family was finding that it was progressively taking longer to obtain hot water in the house.

The quote was not only reasonable, but the plumber also attended promptly and installed a new unit on the same day. Furthermore, he ensured that the family would be receiving hot water quicker throughout the house. Thus, cutting down on their gas and water bill in the long run. Besides that, since the family would be using the unit for a few years to come, he made sure to pick a unit that had a longer shelf-life as well as a 12-year warranty.**

For more great quotes and help with deciding on the perfect unit for you and your family, Jim’s Plumbing is your man. Call on 1300 068 480. You can be assured of a prompt, professional, accurate service.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service