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Newly Installed Rinnai B16 Gas Instantaneous Hot Water System

Today a customer rang us at Jim’s Plumbing. And complained that their old hot water heater had water leaking water out the top of the tank. As the customer was at work and wouldn’t be home for the next few hours, the customer booked a time frame for a little later in the day.

As the customer was booking the appointment after being told the problem by his wife, he was unsure of the problem or who the current system was made by. The customer also needed to know when the plumber was on his way. The Jim’s plumber was able to call the customer 30 minutes prior to arrival, for this the customer was very happy.

Once the plumber was on site, he found that unfortunately for the customer there was no quick fix solution as the whole cylinder had to be replaced. As there was a large gas piping supply nearby, we gave a fixed price to replace it with a Rinnai continuous flow B16 hot water heater. This small compact unit was far smaller than the old unit we removed and has extra benefits such as it will never run out of hot water while the family are showering each morning and night.

Another point that convinced the customer to change to this unit was the old unit was only a 3 star energy rating and this Rinnai system has an energy rating of 6.2, which would result in considerable savings. The Rinnai B16 continuous flow hot water system has many advantages, one of which is the flexibility of having the unit connected to natural gas or LPG. Also having the unit installed externally creates ease when the unit requires servicing.

As the customer was caught off guard by this expense, they were worried about how they would pay for the supply and installation of the new unit. On discussion with the plumber, the customer was told of our interest free terms and within minutes** the customer was approved, and with only 10% up front on the day, the new unit was then installed within 3 hours.

As the customer had no longer had any need for the old storage tank, we were able to remove the rusted tank off the property and dispose of it appropriately.

The very next morning, our customer service staff called the next day to see if they were happy with the new unit. The customer thought a follow up call the next day was a great idea and very happy with our service and understanding.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service