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Leaking Rinnai Sunmaster Solar Repair

Repair Leaking Rinnai Sunmaster Solar Hot Water Unit on Roof

Here at Jim’s Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being efficient and proficient at all times. We believe in customer care from the second a potential customer calls up at our office right through to job completion and always with a follow up call to ensure customer satisfaction. Customers are invited to call us for any plumbing or gas problem and our customer service team will match one of our qualified plumbers to the right job.

We attend any plumbing job, large or small, such as this customer who had a leaking Rinnai Sunmaster solar hot water unit on their roof. Our customer called up on one of the colder days this winter to seek help for their hot water unit that was leaking intermittently particularly after a frosty night. We immediately sent one of our Rinnai solar hot water system experts to inspect the problem on the same day.

Our plumber turned up looking smart in his plumber uniform on the property in a fully equipped van with all the necessary appliances to access the roof and hot water unit safely. As soon as he was on site he started work immediately.

The plumber had a look at the entire set up and discovered that the customers had opted to not install a frost protection kit which was common in that area. However, recent changes in climate deemed it necessary to install the kit in this particular area. As a result, one of the panels on the roof had split at the weakest point and so intermittently leaked water.

Our plumber was able to provide a quote to replace the broken panel which was accepted by the customer straightaway. Since the plumber already had a spare panel in his van, he set to work immediately to ensure that our customers would receive hot water again as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable plumber worked in a proficient and safe manner the entire time while answering some pressing questions our customers had for him.

Our Jim’s Plumber gave the customers a rundown on the unit which they had installed previously based on a rather unclear recommendation. He was able to reassure them that the unit they had chosen was indeed a good choice as the tank is manufactured in Australia and made specifically for the Australian climate. He also noted that they would have a 5 year warranty on the panels and a 7 year warranty on the tank itself.* Furthermore, he calculated the storage capacity and matched it with their household usage which was found to be sufficient.

Our plumber completed the job right before a heavy rainstorm hit the suburb. This was quite lucky as the plumber took the opportunity to assess the job completed and it was deemed safe and fully functioning. The customers were happy as Larry with services provided.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service