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Leaking Rheem Optima 135 Litre Gas Storage Hot Water Heater

Early this morning, one of our Jim’s plumbers attended to an old leaking Rheem hot water heater which after an inspection was deemed irreparable and needing immediate replacement.

Once the customer accepted our quoted price, we were able to offer them our interest free payment plan**. Having no deposit to pay, the customer was ecstatic as they did not have the budget to replace their hot water unit at the time.

We upgraded it to a brand new Rheem Optima hot water storage unit for the client. This also means the customer has a 10 year warranty on the tank!

The client chose to stay with a storage tank hot water heater as they liked having full mains pressure in the shower. They were not interested in changing to a continuous flow model as we highlighted that it is a restricted pressure unit and the delivery of hot water to the taps would be less then they were currently achieving.

The advantage with a Rheem hot water system is that parts are readily available if something were to go wrong in the future. This is because Rheem being a house-hold name, made parts readily available through all of the suppliers that Jim’s Plumbing deals with.

Once the hot water heater was installed – as it was a gas unit and to meet current gas regulations – the plumber tested all the gas pipe work throughout the house. This is to ensure there were no leaks that may have been existing or on the work we carried out. To ensure the quality of work carried out, we are then able to supply a gas certificate of completion to the consumer and a copy to the gas authority.

Like most of our hot water customers, the customer did not want the old rusted tanks so we dumped it as part of the service we provide, leaving the job nice and tidy.

Jim’s Plumbing not only offers a quick and easy service when dealing with your hot water system, but we also guarantee our work for 12 months on parts and labour. This means you can rest easy knowing the work is done professionally. We also offer interest free terms to approved applicants so you can enjoy hot water straight away and pay later.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service