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Leaking 315 Litre Rheem Optima Electric Hot Water Service

Today we attended a leaking hot water system in Morphettville. Our highly skilled plumber was able to work quickly so that the customer could have hot water again!

Upon arrival, the plumber tested the existing Rheem Optima hot water system and determined that the unit had served beyond its shelf life and was irreparable. A quote was provided to the customer to replace the unit.

The customer was ecstatic! Within two hours, a brand new hot water service was sourced straight away and successfully installed so the customer was able to use their hot water.

The plumber even took away the old unit and all rubbish for disposal. The added bonus was that the plumber was able to save the customer having to call out an electrician as well! The plumber being in procession of a restricted B class electrical licence meant that he was able to legally complete the electrical wiring portion of the work too.

We ensure all our plumbers are highly skilled and competent in all areas, with all appropriate licencing to ensure we can provide the best customer service. This includes but not limited to gas fitting and also B class restricted electrical licences.

Our plumbers also have extensive knowledge of our products, including hot water services. For example, this particular hot water service allows the household to have more than one hot shower running at the same time – a welcome bonus for busy families or working professionals.

Another feature of this particular hot water service is that thermostat can be adjusted to a set temperature. Also, this unit was designed to be efficient during off-peak energy rates.

Our plumbers also know that for peace of mind, the manufacturer warranties the cylinder on this unit for 10 years. Once installed we do not anticipate that you will need to call us out again for a long time, if at all, to look at your hot water service. However, on the off-chance you do, we warranty our workmanship. With plumbers available around the clock, we always have someone available to attend.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service