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Internal Electric Rinnai 80 Litre Hot Water System

Water Discolouration

We sometimes get phone calls describing some of the strangest issues with drains, taps, sinks and hot water systems. But what a lot of customers consider to be extremely strange is the discolouration of hot water. This can be extremely off putting and concerning, particularly when you aren’t sure of the exact cause.

One evening we had a customer call through who had this particular issue happening to them. They were worried that the discolouration represented a health hazard to them and their children. We understand how worrying this can be, for parents especially, so our call centre team was able to organise a time for our plumber to arrive after our customer had finished work.

Following a thorough assessment, our expert hot water technician diagnosed the issue as corroded anodes within the hot water system.  One of many advantages of the Rinnai Electric 80 Litre hot water system is the inclusion of anticorrosion anodes that provide a longer life for the hot water system. It is also a compact size and built with vitreous enamel lined steel, which adds to it’s long life.

After Hours Solution

Due to the call out being after working hours, most suppliers nearby were in fact closed, but fortunately, our plumber came prepared with a fully stocked van. It had the required anode that was needed for this specific electric hot water system. The replacement of the anode was quick due to the plumber’s efficiency and knowledge of the hot water tank. Our customer was able to enjoy hot water again in no time.

Our plumber was interested in why the customer had chosen Jim’s Plumbing. The customer chose to book with us due to our well-known brand and trusted name. They advised that the entire booking experience was handled in a friendly and professional manner, which is what we aim for here at Jim’s Plumbing. At the end of the day, they were delighted with our services.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service