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How to Test for a Gas Leak Using a Manometer

Gas Leak Detection

When gas plumbers attend a property suspecting there is a gas leak, normally they will use a tool called a manometer. This tool shows if there is in fact a leak present. A gas manometer functions by showing a pressure drop in the gas line indicating that there is a leak present somewhere. Here in Australia, there are two different types of manometers commonly used, the first being a water manometer, and the second an electronic manometer. These two styles of manometers function completely differently, as is detailed below.

Water Manometers

Water manometers are the most common style of manometer used by our plumbers for detecting gas leaks. This style of manometer works by having water in a u-shaped tube. When connected onto the gas line, it will show a movement of the water levels within the tube indicating if there is a leak or not. We usually advise our Jim’s plumbers to test a pipeline with a manometer for 10-15 minutes. This way we can detect even the smallest of leaks.

Should a leak be detected, the plumber then has the often strenuous task of trying to locate where the leak is. If the leak is concealed in a wall or brickwork or unable to be located in the ground, the plumber will often give a quote to replace the complete service.

Electronic Manometers

Electronic manometers can also be used to detect a drop in pressure in pipework however are more commonly used to calibrate and commission gas appliances. The gas fitter will then be able to set the appliance to the correct gas pressures, as an electronic manometer has an electronic display giving very accurate readings.

If you believe that you may have a gas leak in your home or business, or your gas bill is extremely high please contact Jim’s Plumbing to have it checked out today. We can send out one of our qualified gas fitters to test your pipework to give you peace of mind.

Gas leaks are one of the most hazardous plumbing crises you are likely to face in a domestic setting. And as such our plumbers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your gas needs. All of our plumbers also have a minimum of five years in the industry working with problems such as gas leaks on a daily basis so are ready to assist with your gas issue today!

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15 Years of Service