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How to Change a Tap Washer

How to Change a Shower Tap Washer

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to turn your shower taps off as tightly as possible every time. It’s probably because the washers are worn out and in need of replacement.

Replacing the tap washers can be far cheaper than replacing the entire taps. It can be done relatively easily with just a few small supplies from your local hardware.

So we’ve put together a quick guide that explains how to change a shower tap washer.

Isolate Water Supply to Your Shower Taps

Firstly, it is best to isolate the water supply to your shower taps to avoid any unnecessary water leakage during the repair process. To be sure, you should turn off the mains water supply to the house. This tap is commonly found in close proximity to your water meter.

Find the Small Tap Screws

The second step is to look on the sides of the taps to locate small screws. They will need to be removed carefully using a screwdriver.

When these screws are removed, you should be able to remove the faucet from the wall to expose the tap’s headgear.

Remove the Head Gear

Once you have removed the headgear of the tap you should see the washer, the O-ring and the jumper valve.

In fact, what might seem like just a simple washer problem may also involve the O-ring or the jumper valve, which is a more complex issue to repair.

Dismantle the Tap

It is important to ensure you have the correct tools to dismantle the tap and remove the washer. This will prevent serious damage to the mechanics of the tap itself as you dismantle it. Be sure to take a photo on your phone before you start the process so you can put it back together correctly later.

Get the Right Parts

Take a photo of the dismantled tap and it’s parts or put them in a bag or small box. Then take them to your nearest plumbing supply store. They will be able to advise of the parts you need to repair the tap yourself.

Put It Back Together

Using the photo as a reference, but all the parts back on your tap and repeat the above steps. Work backwards from ‘Dismantling the Tap’.

All Sound Too Hard?

If you are unsure of how to safely and accurately dismantle your taps, it is best to call a qualified plumber to render assistance. After all, it can be quite easy to make a simple job, such as a washer replacement, far more complex if you are unsure of the repair process.

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