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Fix Dux Prodigy 4 Hot Water System

We attended to a Dux Prodigy 4 gas hot water heater today to repair. The customer awoke to find that they had no hot water running in their house. They quickly looked up the Jim’s Plumbing number online, and called our call centre staff who were able to organise a fully qualified hot water technician to attend on the same day!

The customer, although wanting to book the job in as they had guests attending to their property later that afternoon, was hesitant as they did not have cash on them at the time. Our friendly call centre staff advised them that our plumbers carried mobile EFTPOS facilities that could be used with either MasterCard, Visa or American Express!

The customer happily booked the job and our friendly qualified plumber arrived shortly after to fix their Dux Prodigy hot water system! The repair of the Dux Prodigy 4 unit was done quickly by our efficient Jim’s plumber which left the customer relieved and also pleased that they no longer had a worry for when their guests arrived!

Dux, with the Prodigy range of storage hot water systems, originally had a Prodigy 3 which is no longer manufactured as it is only a 3 star rated unit and due to its low energy rating it is no longer to be installed in Australia.

The Dux Prodigy 4 has a 4 star energy rating and a 7 year warranty. It can also accommodate for 3 – 5 people in a house. There is also a Prodigy 5 gas storage hot water unit which has an energy star rating of 5.3 and a great 10 year tank and flue warranty and 1 year  warranty on parts and labour. These Dux Prodigy hot water units come in a range of sizes to suit your living needs!

So whether you already have or are in need of a small or large tank, or one sized just in between, we can install or repair your Dux Prodigy unit efficiently! If you’re needing to have the unit replaced and are worried about payment, don’t be! Here at Jim’s Plumbing we offer interest free payment terms!**

Give Jim’s Plumbing a call today! We are open 7 days a week, and 24 hours, so you won’t have to wait!

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service