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Faulty Hot Water Relief Valve on Rheem 130L Gas Storage

Replace Faulty Hot Water Relief Valve on Rheem 130L Gas Storage Unit

A job booked today from the Jim’s Plumbing call centre was from a frustrated customer in regards to a Rheem 130L Gas Storage System that was leaking extensively. The customer was frustrated due to the wasting of water, and it started making a small flood in a corner of their back yard.

This was very unfortunate as the customer had a children’s party to host in the back yard later that evening. Luckily, when the Jim’s Plumbing hot water technician arrived within the hour, he found it to be a faulty hot water relief valve, which is a safety valve, on the side of the Rheem gas hot water system.

It was a very simple repair which involved screwing the old relief valve out and screwing the new one in. Although a simple repair, it is a job that must be done by a professional and fully qualified plumber, such as from Jim’s Plumbing. The relief valve was heavily corroded and looks in poor condition.

The Jim’s plumber was able to safely and efficiently fix the issue and have it back to normal within a short period of time. Once the job had been completed, the customer was able to pay the plumber on completion via our Mobile EFTPOS facilities. We carry these in our vans as an option other than cash and cheque! Our EFTPOS machines accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa!

The purpose of the hot relief valve is for the pressure to be slowly released through it when water is heated inside the tank, so when it expands, it does not split the cylinder. Hot relief valve also has a secondary function; should the thermostat fail, and the hot water continues to heat and boil, the hot relief valve will open and release the pressure. The hot relief valve is a very important safety supply on storage hot water heaters.

Most manufactures document information on the side of the tank, suggesting that they should be replaced every 5 years and activated every 6 months, to ensure they are still operational and up to safety standards.

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15 Years of Service