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Everhot 320 Gas Storage Hot Water Repair

Everhot 320 Gas Storage Repair

Recently at Jim’s plumbing, we attended to inspect a hot water system that had no hot water and as a result, the water from the hot tap was coming out cold.

In an instance like this, here at Jim’s Plumbing, we are able to offer a same day service. We can offer replacement or repair of most makes and models of hot water units 7 days a week.

Repairing an Everhot 320 Gas Storage Unit

What we found was an Everhot 320 gas hot water system, which was a brand we had not heard of or come across previously. In speaking to Reece plumbing supplies staff members, they advised that it is a Rheem unit that Reece plumbing have rebadged under their own Everhot banner.

The Everhot 320 unit is recommended for a household of 3-5 people. It stores and holds 160 litres in the tank and can deliver up to 320 litres in the first hour. There is a 7 year warranty on the cylinder and the unit itself is just under 2 meters in height.

On inspection of the hot water tank, we found water pouring from the base of the unit – it was in desperate need of replacement. Our plumber was looking at options to replace the existing model to a fast 5 star unit, as the existing system was only rated at 3 stars. Our plumber recommended the Rheem Stellar 330 storage gas unit to our clients. This is not only a more efficient unit, but it also comes with a 10 year warranty on the tank.

In checking with Reece, they have an equivalent model which they have stated was a rebadged model. However, they only offer a 7 year warranty with that system. As the customer was getting an extra 3 years warranty with the Rheem hot water system, they chose to proceed.

We removed the Everhot 320 gas hot water unit and within 3 hours we had the new unit up and going. As with most customers, they did not wish to keep the old unit. We were able to take the old tank off site and dump for the customer as provided with all of our services.

Not only can we have the issue resolved the same day, but with as little as a 10% deposit, we can offer generous interest free terms** to take the burden out of purchasing the new system.

With all our work we also provide a certificate of compliance so you can rest assured knowing the unit has been installed to current regulations and by a fully qualified tradesperson.

The unit comes with a hot relief valve, which acts as a safety precaution. This is where water can discharge when the unit is in its heating cycle. As water is heated, it expands and this valve allows for this expansion to be released from the unit without the tank splitting. It is also a safety device should the thermostat become faulty and the unit continues to heat and boil. This will, in turn, ensure the water is discharged from the overflow pipe connecting to the valve.

In our research, the only supplier we were able to resource this from was one. This, however, is restrictive in an emergency situation if you are looking to replace the unit with something equivalent to the existing model. Also taking into consideration that the given supplier is either not open or not conveniently placed near where your job is.

Our friendly Jim’s Plumbing customer service staff are always available to help with your enquiry. Contact us today for more information.

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15 Years of Service