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Eurosit Control Valve For Hot Water Heater

Rheem storage hot water systems are ones that we at Jim’s Plumbing work on nearly every single day. Along with common knowledge of Australia’s most recognisable brands and even the occasional unpopular units, we’re able to work on any hot water system. This particular system we worked on was a Rheem 265 5 star gas hot water system. With a 130 litre capacity and a strong 145 litre of hot water recovery and runs on natural gas.

The larger inlet pipe on the left hand side is the gas supply coming into the hot water unit. It enters the eurosit valve and gas is managed through this valve also. The black dial on top can be pre-set to a required temperature depending on your needs. The smaller copper pipe that is coming from the bottom of the control valve is the main burner tube that feeds gas to the main burners. The flow of gas from here is determined by the temperature set by the thermostat and will cut in and out as required.

The far right silver tube that is coming from the bottom of the eurosit is the pilot tube/pipe, where gas for the pilot light travels to the pilot and remains heated or ignited at all times – except when the valve has been turned off, or if should the thermocouple determine leaking gas or heat is no longer going on top the thermocouple. As you can see the eurosit control valve on the hot water system is a major part in the heating of the hot water tank, if you hear and see anything out of the ordinary it is always best to give Jim’s Plumbing a call and get a professional to help who have extensive knowledge on these systems.

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15 Years of Service