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Edwards Solar Hot Water Service Leaking

Replace Leaking Edwards Solar Hot Water System

Last Tuesday Jim’s Plumbing was called out to inspect an Edwards solar hot water system that had suddenly begun to leak profusely from the roof. Our call centre operator quickly identified that the customer needed emergency help due to the significant amount of water that was gushing off of the roof.

The customer’s old Edwards solar hot water system

Fortunately, Jim’s Plumbing was able to have a plumber onsite within 15 minutes of the phone call and immediately isolated the water supply before conducting a thorough inspection.

The image below shows the customer’s existing Edwards hot water system after our plumber had stopped the water leak. The Edwards solar hot water systems are equipped with a marine-grade 316 stainless steel tank that is both durable and requires minimal maintenance as they do not require a sacrificial anode like other brands of solar hot water systems.

Unfortunately in this case, the unit was leaking from a large hole in the tank and could not be repaired. The Edwards brand of solar hot water systems is no longer manufactured and so our plumber recommended replacing the unit with a Rheem 52H300 Premier Hiline hot water system.

Our customer had mentioned that on cold mornings they were having some issues getting hot water in their home and this is one of the reasons why we recommended installing a Rehem Premier Hiline solar system.

If you are having a similar issue with your solar hot water system, give Jim’s Plumbing a call on 1300 068 480 and we’ll find a workable solution.

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This unit is equipped with frost protection and so is ideal for colder climates where early morning frost can interfere with the functioning of your external hot water system.

Our customer was also pleasantly surprised that their new unit came with a 5 year tank warranty and was also constructed out of stainless steel to help protect it from becoming rusted and corroded. The entire replacement process was completed in just under 4 hours, meaning that our customers had hot water running in their house that night.

Here at Jim’s Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing the very best general maintenance and emergency plumbing service we possibly can and this is why so many Australian’s choose Jim’s Plumbing for all of their plumbing needs.

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Choosing the correct hot water system can be difficult, as there are so many options to choose from; Click on the links to find out more about these systems.

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15 Years of Service