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Dux ProFlo Not Producing Hot Water

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Earlier this week, Jim’s Plumbing attended a home that was experiencing a steady decline in their hot water supply. The customer said it had been gradually getting worse and wants to see if it can be repaired or if he needs to replace the whole system. Luckily the customer was home for a few hours before work and we had a plumber in the area so, within an hour’s time we were on his doorstep ready to assist.

The system in question, a Dux ProFlo gas hot water system was located at the side of the house and the plumber began his inspection. The customers told the plumber they have had the system for close to 10 years now and have only had a minor issue with it quite early on.

The plumber could see that the tank was free of any rust or corrosion so the tank does not need to be replaced for some time still. The plumber did, however, pinpoint the problem resulting in the loss of hot water.

It turns out that the tempering valve was in desperate need of replacing. The tempering valve is put into place to mix the hot water with the tank with cold water to level out the temperature to around 50 degrees Celsius.

This is used to prevent any possibilities of scalding or burns related to boiling water coming from the taps. The way the tempering valve is set up makes it prone to debris. A mesh filter stops this from entering the water flow.

In this case, however, the valve was beginning the cease and there was a build-up of debris which was causing the tempering valve to misread the temperature and send colder water down the line.

This was an easy fix as the plumber had the parts required in his van, and the customer agreed it needed to be changed over. All other parts of the system seemed to be in great working order so replacing this should have it running like new again.

He completed the installation quickly and left the job neat and tidy. The customer wanted to pay with his credit card so the plumber took payment via mobile EFTPOS machine.

Jim’s Plumbing also covers all parts and labour on all of our jobs so the customer has peace of mind knowing he won’t be up for another charge if there’s an issue with the work carried out by Jim’s Plumbing.

Jim’s Plumbing service uses a fleet of fully qualified plumbers, each with their own fully stocked van. Call us today and let us help with any of your hot water needs.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service