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Dux proflo 90FNG

Existing Dux Proflo Gas Storage Hot Water Unit Replaced with a Brand New One

This afternoon we received a phone call from a customer who was referred to us by a friend. She said the pilot light on her gas storage hot water system wouldn’t re-light, she had tried to relight several time with only a few times being successful and then failing a short time later. As the customer was speaking with the call centre operator, she received a phone call from her child’s school saying she had to pick them up.

As she need to collect the child, the customer had to duck out but still need the hot water system fixed quickly as she had teenage children in the house returning from school, later that afternoon. Upon the booking, the customer was able to pay the call-out fee as a deposit for the time frame as well as courtesy call offered to her, 30 minutes before the plumber’s arrival.

Once the customer received the plumber’s phone call, he was able to attend very quickly. The unit having the problem was a Dux Proflo 90L model 90FNG. Upon the plumber inspection, he soon found the problem to be a thermocouple. As the unit was manufactured in November in 2005, making it just over 11 years old, the thermocouple replacement was no longer covered by warranty, as only the heat exchanger is warranted for 12 years.

As the customer had not used our services in the past, she was not aware of the services we offer or payment we can receive. The plumber was able to speak with her at the home to let her know we can accept payment via our mobile EFTPOS machine, cash or cheque. As the unit is 11 years old, sometime in the future, it may need replacing in the near future. When it does come to that, we can offer a free no-obligation quote for supply and install a brand new unit and can install the unit that very same day.

The customer was very grateful for the plumber to take time from his day to explain our services to her. She said when the time comes she likes to stick with Dux as she has such a good run with this current proflo unit. There are many reasons why people have such a good experience with Dux units, one is the size of the unit, it is a reasonable size for a gas storage unit, as seen on the pictures, it can be installed in an out of site position along the wall of the house.

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15 Years of Service