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Dux Proflo 170L Gas Hot Water System 170V-NB

Repair Dux Proflo 170L Gas Hot Water System

Here at Jim’s Plumbing, our plumbers work on hot water units on a daily basis. One unit that we have encountered regularly on our travels over the years is the Dux Proflo 170L gas hot water heater.

This system has since been superseded by other Dux models but due to the system’s durability and resilience, it continues to be an integral part of many Australian homes.

Early one Sunday morning last week we were called out to the home of one of our loyal customers. We had previously attended the property for a range of plumbing tasks including blocked drains, a leaking kitchen tap and a burst copper pipe in the back yard just to name a few.

This was the first time that we had been invited to work on the hot water system, however, as it had always been very reliable, from the time that it was installed in 1999!

When our plumber arrived at the property the customer was waiting nervously. As the plumber set to work, she explained to him that this system had been part of their family life for many years and had been at the property for years before they purchased it.

Fortunately, our plumber was able to repair the system and restore hot water to the property, but he explained to the customer that due to the system’s age, it may be time to look to a more long term solution. In accordance with this advice, he provided her with a quotation for the supply and installation of a new system, which included removal and disposal of the old system.

He also provided her with information about our interest free terms (available to approved applicants only). Our customer promised to think about the quote, as she knew in her heart that it was time for an upgrade. Our plumber had explained that there were other models that could provide her with hot water at a higher efficiency to help save money on water heating costs.

However, it would be sad to see the old system go, so she needed some time to come to terms with the idea. She promised to contact Jim’s Plumbing over the coming weeks when she had made her decision.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service