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Dux Proflo 135 Natural Gas 135FNG

Old Dux Pro Flo 135FNG – Natural Gas Unit

One of our valued repeat customers contacted the Jim’s Plumbing office this morning on 1300 068 480 as their Dux Pro Flo 135- Manufactured in 2006 – Was needing to be replaced.  The customer advised our team that they had issues with the hot water system not heating up very well for a long time and after having the thermocouple replaced multiple times they felt that it was getting close to needing a new one.

The customer advised that they were free all day and wished to have one of our hot water specialists out to them that morning. Our customer service team were able to organize to dispatch a plumber to them – he arrived within an hour of the call*

Once the plumber arrived he was able to discuss the options with the customer as she had already been looking at the Dux website and wanted a model as similar to her current unit as she could get.  The plumber was able to ensure that the new model would suit her and her family’s needs, as the customer had already decided that she would like a new Dux Prodigy Gas storage unit with a 135L capacity – The same capacity as her current system. She was particularly interested in this unit as it has a 5.3* star energy rating.  This unit also features new burner technology – so the unit itself is able to heat up water quite quickly. This would be great for her as her family often have showers within the same time frame in the morning and it stops any issues with running out of hot water.

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The plumber was able to offer the customer a fixed quote to supply & install the new system as well as taking the old unit away.  We were able to offer our interest free terms* to the customer as well.  At Jim’s Plumbing we understand that plumbing or emergency work is often not budgeted for and endeavour to make things like this as easy and as stress free as we can for our customers.

The customer opted to pay with EFTPOS and the plumber was able to go ahead straight away and remove the old unit before installing the new one for the customer.  The plumber made sure that he tidied up after himself before he left the site and even left a Jim’s Plumbing sticker on the new unit so the customer always has our number in case of emergency.

Our customer service team contacted the customer as soon as the plumber had left site just to make sure she was 100% satisfied with the work that was done .She advised she was very happy with how quick the whole process was. She had used our services in the past when she had blocked drains and leaking taps and she still couldn’t believe how quick and pain free it was every time.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service