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Dux Prodigy 135 Litre Gas Storage Unit Model # 330TN

Dux Prodigy 135 Litre Gas Storage Unit

Our Jim’s Plumbing call centre received a call early morning recently by an elderly couple who were experiencing a loss of hot water throughout their household. It was in the middle of winter and was the second time in a few months they had the issue. As it was an urgent matter, our customer service staff were able to get a plumber out there before lunch.

The unit in question, a Dux Prodigy 135 litre gas storage system was inspected by our plumber on arrival and it seemed to be a pilot light issue. The customers said that that was the same issue they had several months before and had read a number of reviews of customers having the same issue. The Jim’s plumber was aware of this notorious problem with the unit and gave the customers the option of fixing the existing system or replacing it with a different model to avoid the issue in the future.

The customers were interested in replacing the unit, so elected to get the unit fixed instead. As the unit was only 5 years old or so, the tank was in near new condition. So with a quick part replacement and service, the systems pilot light was now lit again. The clients would have hot water on demand later in the afternoon. Although unable to at this time, they were still interested in a new unit if this issue were to happen again and got the plumbers quotation to replace with a similar model. The plumbers quote done and the hot water returning, the clients made payment via cheque with our plumber and went off to his next job.

Later that day, the clients received a call from our customer service team to see how their experience was today. From start to finish, they were extremely satisfied with the service from our dispatch team to the plumber and were surprised to see a follow up call to make sure everything was ok. They had a regular plumber who no longer operates and could rest easy now knowing they had found his replacement.

From initial call to the plumber leaving, Jim’s Plumbing are market leaders in the emergency plumbing field. We have serviced over 100,000 jobs for residential and commercial business and continue to gain more regular customers every day. Our fully qualified plumbers our hot water system expects and can repair all makes and models. So when the hot water runs out, call Jim’s Plumbing and let us bring it back to you.

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15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service