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Chromagen Solar Hot Water Repairs

Not long ago we attended a Chromagen solar hot water service. This system was a solar power hot water service with a gas booster. Solar panels or solar collectors, collect the energy emitted from the sun and store the hot water that was heated using the energy from the sun into a storage tank for later use. On those cloudy days or when hot water is more in demand than usual, a booster will activate to help the system heat the water. While an electric booster can be used, a gas booster does produce less gas emissions and therefore can be more cost-effective.

Our customer called us to say that they had no hot water coming from there taps and shower. As it has been very overcast due to bad weather, the solar panels were unable to heat up the water as described above. Normally this is where the booster would kick in but unfortunately it did not. As the customer had to go to work, she had to shower at her mums down the road. This didn’t bother her as much, but as she had teenage kids with their friends due to come over that night, she needed to have the system functioning to cater for them. As we had a plumber not too far away, we were able to have him there within the hour.

On inspection, the Chromagen solar hot water system had a model number of GSCS20021. The system is known as a split line unit, however, Chromagen does make a unit called a roofline. (We find with the roofline units, they can put a strain on your roof, this is why we recommend split systems units, as the solar panels are on the roof while the booster and storage tank are on the ground.) In this case, the pilot light had simply blown out due to the weather and strong winds. Due the fact that the system runs on solar energy predominantly the customer didn’t notice the pilot light blowing out any sooner.

Once the plumber had completed re-igniting the pilot light and doing a check of the unit, the plumber was once again on his way, ready to help the next customer with any problem.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service