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Chromagen T20 Continuous Flow Hot Water Service

Chromagen T20 Continuous Flow Hot Water Unit Maintanance Service

Jim’s Plumbing gained another loyal customer due to our prompt and competent service. Our call centre team received a frantic call from a customer who was just about to embark on a long overseas trip and wanted to shut his Chromagen Eternity T20 continuous flow hot water system down for this time.

He had arranged for another plumber to attend, but had been stood up and was due to leave for the airport in just a few short hours!

As such, he had decided to call Jim’s Plumbing as he knew this was a well-known brand that he could trust, and he had read positive reviews online regarding our work.

It was also important to this customer that he could pay via credit card is required, because he was departing for Bangladesh so he did not have cash on him. This was not an issue as all Jim’s Plumbers carry an EFTPOS machine in their vans for our customer’s convenience.

When our expert plumber arrived onsite within an hour of the customer’s call, he was very pleased to see him.

Time was ticking, and there was now just two hours before the customer was due to depart for the airport. Our plumber set to work, first ensuring that the manual gas shut off valve was set to close, then turning off the power to the heater.

Next, the plumber shut off the manual water valve, which was situated on the line that supplies water to the unit. In the interest of time, our plumber jogged into the house and opened every hot water tap that he could find.

Our customer was very happy with our prompt service. For your hot water system needs, contact the Jim’s Plumbing team today.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service