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Chromagen Solar Hot Water Unit with Eternity T20 Booster Repaired

The Chromagen Eternity T20 is used as a booster back up on a Chromagen solar hot water system.

The Eternity T20’s job is so that when there is no solar gain or sufficient sunlight to heat the water in the tank, then this eternity continuous flow hot water unit will heat the water so that the water is always maintained at a set temperature.

This solar booster is important in seasons such as winter, or days when there is high cloud cover because without this unit assisting, the Chromagen solar hot water unit can only produce warm to cooler water.

There are also panels on the roof which circulate hot water down to the tank which is ground-mounted.

The advantage of having ground-mounted solar hot water systems is that the roof is not having to support the heavy weight of the tank which when full of water can weigh considerable amounts of kilograms. It also makes maintenance on the tank far easier, rather than climbing onto the roof.

One of the great things about having a boosted solar hot water system is the amazing financial savings seen with harnessing the energy of the sun. Meanwhile you have the peace of mind that if solar energy is not available for a period, the booster will save the day. Consumers have reported that use of solar powered hot water can allow water heating bills to be reduced by as much as 90%!

This is an amazing saving and when you consider that the sun is giving away solar energy for free, you would be crazy not to utilise this renewable energy source. In the current day and age it is vital that we are vigilant with our greenhouse gas emissions, and the Chromagen solar hot water system boosted by the eternity T20 facilitates a significant reduction in the household’s consumption of fossil fuels.

Here at Jim’s Plumbing we specialise in the repair and replacement of hot water units like the Chromagen solar hot water heater boosted by the eternity T20. Our plumbers offer a range of methods of payment including cash, cheque or credit card, whatever suits you best. Additionally, we understand that the replacement of a hot water system can be an unexpected expense and as such offer interest free terms**! So what are you waiting for? For all of your hot water needs call Jim’s Plumbing.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service