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Chromagen 20 SV Solar Hot Water System with Eternity T26 Gas Booster

Chromagen 20 SV Solar Hot Water System

Two weeks ago Jim’s Plumbing received a call about a Chromagen gas boosted solar hot water system that had gradually stopped working over the last 72 hours. The customer explained that they had not had any issues with the heating system since it was installed but had noticed a pool of water collecting around the base of the hot water system over the last few days.

Fortunately, Jim’s plumber arrived onsite within 30 minutes of the customer’s phone call and began to inspect both hot water systems as well as the solar panels. Upon closer inspection, our plumber found the solar panels and the solar hot water tank to be in good working order but unfortunately, the Chromagen Eternity T26 gas booster was leaking badly and was beyond repair.

Subsequently, the family had unknowingly been relying only on the Chromagen solar hot water system to provide them with hot water and this explained why their hot water supply had demised as the weather became overcast and there was not enough sunlight to heat the panels.¬† ¬†Much to our customer’s delight we were able to provide an onsite quotation to install a new gas boosted hot water system and were able to have it fitted on the same day. Given that another Eternity T26 gas hot water system was installed, the changeover process took less than three hours, meaning our customer’s had hot water back in their home that night.

If you have similar concerns about you solar gas boosted hot water system, call Jim’s Plumbing and we will gladly assess and fix it for you. Whether you have a gas, electric or solar hot water system you can rest easy knowing that Jim’s has the expertise to fix it.

We even offer interest free repayment plans so that in the event you require a replacement hot water service, you can pay it off in affordable instalments. Jim’s Plumbing offers far more plumbing services than just hot water system replacements and repairs. We can assist you with all general maintenance and emergency plumbing problems and operate 24/7 so that we are always available when you need us most. Our fully qualified gas fitters are dedicated to providing the best service possible and have the skills and experience to fix even the most challenging plumbing problems.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service