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Bosch Water Wizard 960 Repair

Bosch Water Wizard 960 Repair

We received an afternoon phone call from one our repeat customers, telling us that she had no hot water. She suspected her pilot light had gone out due to the windy weather.We dispatched one of our Jim’s plumbers, who had just completed a job nearby. He was on site within the hour.

Upon inspection of the Bosch Water Wizard 960 the plumber found the system to be leaking. It was not an extinguished pilot light as first thought.

The gas instant hot water system from Bosch is old, rusted and deteriorated. The rust suggests the water had been leaking for some time. This model has a pilot light that continually runs. Once a hot tap is open the pilot will then ignite the main burners.

Risk of Pilot Lights

Bosch still makes pilot units, however, these have been superseded by the new electric versions, such as the Bosch Highflow 21e electric. A pilot on any outside model of hot water system has a greater chance of extinguishing on windy days. You also pay for gas to be continually burnt, which can contribute to higher gas bills. In our experience, the Bosch Water Wizard 960 requires more maintenance than their new electric models, which are almost maintenance free in comparison.

Service Your Water Wizard

The Bosch Water Wizard needs to be serviced every few years. This includes replacing diaphragms in the water section, changing O rings and body washers.

The Bosch 21e and other electric models do not have these, which reduces maintenance requirements.

Due to the weather, the customer had not had a chance to visit her bank to obtain funds to pay the plumber, the customer was pleasantly surprised to find out that the plumber could take a credit card payment through his mobile EFTPOS machine, which is conveniently located in all of our vans and are able to accept most forms of cards including Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Diners.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service