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Bosch Highflow 21e

Most of our customers at Jim’s Plumbing are repeat customers due to the high level of service provided both by our plumbers as well as our booking services. Our customers can reach us at 1300 068 480 any time of the day as we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All the work provided is also fully guaranteed and it adds to our customer’s peace of mind knowing that should anything go wrong, we are always there to help.

A situation occurred last week with one of our long standing customers. They had had a new hot water unit installed by a different company not too long ago. Unfortunately, the unit had begun to leak profusely and they were occasionally not receiving hot water in their household.

We were able to arrange for a plumber to attend on the same day that the call was made. Upon arrival, the plumber discovered that the hot water unit had been installed with certain incorrectly sized copper pipes and fittings. Luckily, all our plumbers are fully qualified and attend in well-stocked vans. After notifying the customer of the pricing which was accepted, he set to work immediately to rectify the problem.

The particular unit that had been installed was an excellent unit – a Bosch Highflow 21e. It is a gas continuous flow system which comes with an indoor temperature controller. It also provides a high flow of hot water up to 21 litres per minute to the household enabling use of separate taps at the same time. Besides that, it is also a 6 star rated unit with a 10 year warranty*. This means more savings for our customer in the long run.

In no time at all, our plumber had the unit up and running. Included in his service was to check that all the pipes were properly and safely connected and that there were no gas leaks to the system. This is called a pressure check with a monometer. Additionally, besides being a qualified plumber, he was also the holder of a restricted B electrical license and so was able to ensure that the electrical connection to the hot water unit was safe.

The payment method was absolutely hassle-free. Our customer was given the option of paying via cash, cheque or credit card. They opted for a payment with their credit card which was easily done as all our plumber carry an EFTPOS machine on board their van. On top of that, there is no surcharge for using any credit card.

At the end of the day, here at Jim’s Plumbing, we consider it a job well done if our customers are happy. In this instance, our customers were certainly happy campers and requested our business card to ensure that all their subsequent jobs would be attended by us.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service