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Today we attended to a Bosch Economaster hot water system otherwise known as a junkers hot water unit. These unit have now been superseded by Bosch’s range of updated units such as the high flow series. These units have been installed and used for some time, unfortunately that often means it is more cost effective for the customer to have the entire unit replaced rather than repaired if something is majorly wrong with it or because of its age.

This unit, in particular, had been receded into the wall in a single story small apartment block. As the customer chose to have the unit replaced, we were able to match the customer water demands taken into account when quoting the new system. Because the customer knew in advance how old the system was and how long it had been there, the plumber was able to provide a free no obligation quote for a new system supplied and fully installed.

As the customer was very eager to have hot water to his tenants again as soon as possible, we were able to install the unit within only a few hours. Because the unit was installed externally the customer was able to run some errands with the plumber continued with the installation.

The unit that replaced the Economaster was the Bosch 32 due to the unit’s ability to handle large volumes of water and its 4.9 star energy rating. A instant hot water system has many advantages, one of which is you have a virtually endless supply of hot water. The water is only heated when a tap is turned on rather than heating it in advance and then storing it until it is used, which can increase the running costs. Tankless systems also have a longer life expectancy than storage systems with the average unit lasting up to 20 years as per tanks systems that last normally 10-12 years.

Once the job was completed the plumber packed up his tools and cleaned up the area where he worked, gave the customer a magnet and placed a sticker on the new unit in case they have any problems with the unit in the future. As we do warranty our work and parts the customer can call our call centre to make sure on the date of the warranty and the certificate of compliance which is given to every hot water system installation. The Bosch 32 unit comes with a manufacturers warranty on the heat exchanger for 10 years too.

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