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Bosch 25E Natural Gas Hot Water Unit Replacement Service

Replace Bosch 25E Natural Gas Hot Water Heater

A very worried customer called the offices at Jim’s Plumbing late last week as she noticed that her old Bosch 25E Gas hot water system wasn’t working very well and advised she needed a plumber as soon as possible.

Our caring customer service team will always strive to send a plumber to our customers within the hour* of their call. On this occasion, one of the plumbers had just completed a job in the area and the bookings team were able to dispatch him straight away and he was able to arrive within the hour. Once the plumber arrived on site he was able to go ahead and check over the unit to see what the issue could be.

The plumber had a look at the old Bosch unit and could see that it was manufactured in 2005. The plumber was able to advise that thermistors which detect outlet temperatures can get clogged and can overheat the heat exchanger if not cleaned often which leads to false readings being detected by the system.

Upon further inspection, the plumber found that the heat exchanger had ruptured on the unit and advised that they would need to get a new unit, as the warranty on the heat exchanger had unfortunately run out. The customer was unsure of which hot water system she should replace it with so the plumber was able to recommend a system that would suit her and her family’s needs. The customer was happy to replace her current system with the recommended Rinnai B26 Continuous Flow Hot water unit.

This unit is very popular amongst our customers as it is very energy efficient with an energy rating of 6.1*, making it cheaper to run whilst still maintaining hot water as needed for the whole family. The plumber was also able to advise the customer of our interest free payment plans** that we have for new hot water systems. The customer was happy to go ahead with this as she had not budgeted for a new unit and didn’t wish to pay for the full amount at once.

Once the plumber helped the customer with the paperwork, he was able to go ahead straight away with the supply & installation of the new hot water system for the customer and started to remove the old unit. Once the job was complete, the plumber was able to tidy up the area to ensure that it was neat and no materials were left.

The customer service team were able to get in contact with the customer as soon as the plumber had left site. She advised she was very happy with the fast service and loved how convenient it was. She advised she would definitely use our services in the future.

No Interest Ever!** payment plan options availableĀ on hot water heater replacements to help ease any financial stress this burden may cause. If your hot water heater is leaking, or you have no hot water, we can often have a plumber to you within the hour*.

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15 Years of Service