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Bosch 16P Continuous Flow Gas Water Heater TF400-NG1TR

Bosch 16P Continuous Flow Gas Water Heater TF400-NG1TR

Reliable Bosch 16P Continuous Flow Gas Water Heater

On a cold Monday morning last week, one of our loyal customers called us to advise he required assistance with his Bosch 16P continuous flow gas hot water system. The system had started to corrode and had been leaking a small amount of water for weeks, however, the customer had now started to smell gas around the unit. As the customer had small children in the home, he did not want to take the risk of waiting any longer to repair the system and required assistance straight away! Luckily one of our plumbers was in the area and could be onsite within an hour of the customer’s call for help.

The last few days the customer has said the hot water only lasted a few minutes into a shower then will come out cold. Even filling the kitchen sink does not get finished before the heat has stopped from the taps. We had one of our experienced gas and plumbing experts in the area and sent him straight over.

The customer was at home today and greeted the plumber at the door. He was shown where the system was located and began his inspection. The unit looked almost brand new, too young for any major issues to be starting already. The plumber did, however, find that the hot water unit had a very low pressure reading.

With instantaneous units, they require a certain amount of pressure for the heating element to be switched on. A faulty valve was allowing the pressure to escape before being put through the system, thus the hot water unit not performing to its potential. The customer was thrilled as he thought he may need a new unit.

The customer agreed to get the valve replaced and with the pressure tested and back to normal, the unit would run like new again. The customer made the most of having the plumber onsite and even got a couple of his inside tap washers replaced as they had begun to leak.

Later that day the customer was called by our customer service manager to see how their experience was with Jim’s Plumbing. The customer was extremely satisfied, receiving a call back 5 minutes after sending his web booking to the plumber swiftly resolving the issue, the customer will definitely be using Jim’s Plumbing for all of their future plumbing emergencies.

Jim’s Plumbing has serviced over 100,000 jobs in its history and many of these jobs have been repeat customers. With speedy response time, a fleet of fully qualified plumbers in fully stocked vans, a wealth of knowledge and a service operating every day of the year, its easy to see why Jim’s Plumbing are the market leaders in emergency plumbing services. Call Jim’s Plumbing today on 1300 068 480.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service