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AquaMAX Stainless Steel G270SS Gas System Replaced

Early last week one of our expert plumbers was called to a property where the customer was experiencing the frustrations of no hot water. It was a Sunday morning and she had just arrived home from school soccer with her muddy and tired children in tow.

She had quickly run them a bath to ensure that mud was not traipsed throughout the home however it quickly became clear that the water was icy cold! The sound of children wailing was apparent when she called our call centre, however much to her relief one of our plumbers was in the area and could be at her property within the hour!

Our plumber quickly assessed the situation and determined that the system could not be repaired. The Aquamax stainless steel G270SS gas unit does of course come with a 10 year warranty, however the existing unit had been in place for almost 15 years!

The customer desperately needed hot water and as such was relieved when our plumber advised he could supply and install a new unit for her on the very same day! The customer eagerly accepted the quotation provided by the plumber and was ecstatic to hear about our interest free terms (approved applicants only) that meant that she could pay for the unit over a period of time instead of upfront. We find that these interest free terms are particularly useful when it comes to hot water system replacement as it is often an unexpected event.

Present concern aside, our customer had been happy with her Aquamax stainless steel g270ss gas hot water heater over the years and was excited to hear that the same unit could be supplied and installed again. This system is a favourite amongst families with children as it can support 2 showers or baths operating at the same time. This is attributable to the fact that this system can produce 270 litres of hot water within the first hour, and contains 130L stored within its stainless steel tank. This hot water is discharged at a maximum pressure of 1120kPa. The system is also very energy efficient and has been awarded a 5 star energy rating indicative of its nominal gas consumption of a mere 33MJ per hour. This efficacy is highly coveted by families looking to save on household essentials such as energy bills. Another major drawcard of the Aquamax stainless steel g270ss gas system is the fact that this system does not have an anode. This dramatically reduces the lifetime servicing costs of these systems and is attributed to much of the unit’s durability.

If the Aquamax stainless steel g270ss gas hot water unit seems like the system for you and your family, contact Jim’s Plumbing on 1300 133 509.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service