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Aquamax Gas Storage 6340SS Faulty Thermocouple Replaced

Aquamax Gas Storage Hot Water 6340SS Faulty Thermocouple Fix

Having called a different plumbing company with no response after 24 hours in winter, a customer rang Jim’s Plumbing after recommendations from a neighbour who had a new hot water system installed only a week ago. Upon calling we were able to attend within a prompt and suitable timeframe for the customer, working around the school pick up and drop off times.

Once our plumber arrived we instantly got to work, and after investigating this gas hot water system we discovered the tank was in good condition. However, he found the reason the customer was not getting any hot water was a faulty thermocouple. As our plumbers carry parts on their fully stocked vans to complete 90% of jobs straight away without having to source spare parts, we were able to replace the thermocouple straight away.

The thermocouple is a safety device. Its main purpose is to automatically cut off the gas supply leading to the pilot light as soon as it detects the pilot light not burning. This is important especially on windy days when the pilot may blow out, and you don’t want the gas to continue running when there is no flame burning on it. In this situation, as the thermocouple was faulty it would not allow the pilot light to stay ignited resulting in no hot water throughout the customer’s home.

After replacing the thermocouple we also serviced the hot water unit and tested its gas pressures. The burner was cleaned to ensure the unit ran as efficiently as possible. As this unit was only 5 years of age the customer still has the comfort that the cylinder has a 10 year warranty on it with AquaMAX. This is a stainless steel model meaning the tank is 50% lighter than other tanks. They also do not require a sacrificial anode which is rod that is used in steel cylinders to control corrosion, and being a 5 star energy rating hot water heater means it is cost-effective to run.

Upon arrival, our customer also advised they were worried about some leaking taps in their laundry. Our plumber was also able to replace the washers quickly using the parts already ready to go in our vans. After ringing other plumbing companies with no response to the customer’s calls our new client was happy knowing we are able to attend 24/7. If necessary, we have mobile EFTPOS machines in our vansĀ  and our helpful responsive call centre – 1300 133 509.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service