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Aquamax G390SS Hot Water System Repairs

Having had Jim’s Plumbing out to clear blocked drains in the past, and being happy with the prompt and professional service from our drain clearing specialist, our repeat customer called us again today as their hot water unit had stopped producing hot water in the middle of the night.

Our expert plumber attended within a time frame suited with our customer to diagnose the problem with their current unit. It was found that the hot water relief valve was leaking and gushing hot water from the valve into the drain. Once our hot water technician from Jim’s Plumbing tested and analysed we also discovered the cause was the unitrol – which is the thermostat for the hot water Aquamax G390SS heater. This was faulty and was not shutting off and continuously heating as the water was heating and boiling within the tank. When we attended to the property we also found the dent on the front cover of the hot water system which could allow air to get into the system and blow the pilot light out. Thankfully in this instance this was not the case.

Our hot water specialist from Jim’s Plumbing replaced both parts, tested for soundness and presented the customer with their invoice right then and there. Offering payment options of Cash, Cheque, Credit Card and Eftpos all within his van – his customer opted to pay with a cheque. The advantage of this particular unit the customer already had is it is a 125 litre stainless steel tank – not a steel cylinder and does not require an external mixing valve and that is already built in. Mixing valves work by mixing hot and cold water together creating a fixed temperature in as many states the max is 50 degrees Celsius.

This Aquamax G390SS can deliver 390 litres of hot water in its first hour and is run on natural gas – only being able to be installed externally but is able to supply hot water for up to three bathrooms at once – meaning we would recommend this system to a household of anywhere between 3-6 people with its impressive 5 star rating meaning this system is well suited for an environmentally friendly family – as well as the added benefits of a 10 year manufacturer warranty on the cylinder. This can only be installed externally. If you are having a similar problem call us now to organise one of our plumbers to attend for you.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service