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Aquamax G340SS Gas Storage Service

Aquamax G340SS Gas Storage Service

Our new customer called Jim’s Plumbing after speaking to family and friends for recommendations of good quality plumbers. The customer explained to us that their hot water system was leaking slightly, and found their hot water supply was inconsistent. Worried about the system completely failing soon, our customer explained that they needed a plumber to attend that day as they were going on holiday the day after and needed hot water for the house sitter they had arranged.

We were able to do just that, arranging one of our Jim’s plumbers in our highly visible van to attend. The AquaMAX gas storage hot water system was thoroughly assessed and it was found a seal from the hot water relief valve was broken and causing a leak.

After further assessment and testing, our hot water plumber discovered the cause was the unitrol for the unit. The unitrol is the thermostat for an AquaMAX G340SS hot water heater. As the thermostat was faulty, it did not turn off when the right temperature was reached. Water was continuously heated which caused it to boil within the tank, causing strain on the storage system.

Replacing Faulty Parts

Our plumber explained to our customer what the issue was and that it would benefit the customer to have both parts replaced. A faulty thermostat could lead to the hot water temperature to be scolding, and the relief valves have to be replaced after a certain amount of time.

Our customer was happy with this outcome and glad the whole system did not require a replacement right now. We got to work straight away replacing both parts on the hot water system and tested for soundness after the completion. Our plumbers have worked on many AquaMAX G340SS gas storage systems and find them to be great for a medium to large family depending on your hot water needs. A 155 litre stainless steel tank, and a 340 litre hot water delivery in the first hour, provides hot water for up to three bathrooms at a time.

This unit runs on natural gas and has a great energy rating of 5 stars. The AquaMAX system also comes with a 10 year cylinder warranty and can only be installed externally.

After we completed the work our customer asked that the same plumber attend once they’re back from their trip as they required a dishwasher to be installed that they had yet to purchase. Our plumber quickly arranged this with the customer for a time that suited them. We’re glad to have a new loyal customer!

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service