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Aquamax 390L

Aquamax 390L Service

A repeat customer who we had previously helped with leaking toilet cistern’s and blocked drains was concerned about their hot water system. It had come loose from the wall mountings and had started to leak. We were able to dispatch a plumber within the hour as we had someone on another job nearby.

Once the plumber saw the unit he was shocked at the unit’s position. Upon the plumber assessment, he found the age of the unit by using the Aquamax’s compliance plate and model number 107106119, being manufactured in 1994, making the hot water system 22 years old, which was a great life span for any unit. Unfortunately, the plumber had to deliver the news to the customer that while the Aquamax 390 litre hot water system had been a great unit for the customer, the unit would cost more to repair than what it would to replace with a brand new hot water system.

Choosing A New Hot Water System

After a discussion with the plumber about the customer’s hot water needs and the pros and cons of various models on the market, he chose to replace the system with an instant hot water unit.

One of the major reasons was the star rating of the replacement unit. At 6.1 stars, the Rinnai 20 gas instant hot water system is one of the more efficient models on the market today. It also provides hot water any time day or night as soon as you turn on the tap.

Rinnai’s have a proud Japanese history that is built on reliability and efficiency. As this particular model was made in early 2016 and the guarantee on the heat exchanger for 12 years, the customer had peace of mind that the Rinnai 20 hot water unit will last them for many years to come.

Although it was a weekend, the customer was able to pay using the plumber’s EFTPOS machine, which is equipped in all our vans.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service