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AquaMAX 390 Hot Water System Replacement

AquaMAX 390 Replacement

A lot of people aren’t aware that hot water systems actually have an expiry date. At Jim’s Plumbing,  however, we are always being called to sites where hot water systems have died and are in need of a replacement. Or they have lived way over their expected expiry date, which is exactly what had occurred in this instance.

We received a call out for an AquaMAX 390 hot water system, leaking from the bottom of the unit.  During the booking call, the customer advised that they were already thinking about buying a new hot water system, so this issue had just sped up the process.

A plumber was dispatched based on the customer’s preferred time. He provided a quote onsite to replace the hot water unit, which could be done on the same day.

Same Day Replacement

Once the quote was accepted by the customer, we were able to source the desired hot water system and install it on the same day.  The customer had opted for another Aquamax 390 to be installed due to the reliability provided by the previous system.  This system is most popular for its 5 Star energy rating and the reliability of an Australian made system, which is another reason for the customer wanting to install the same system as the previous.

On completion of the installation, our customer provided the feedback that our plumber was extremely helpful and professional. He arrived in complete uniform with a fantastic work attitude and was very respectful to our customer, who commented that she would definitely use our services again.  For any future plumbing needs, whether it be your hot water system, blocked drains, leaking taps and other plumbing issues, give Jim’s Plumbing a call on 1300 133 509!

Another advantage of using Jim’s Plumbing is that we offer interest free terms for customers who aren’t prepared for situations like this, which is common.  However, in this scenario, the customer was well aware of the hot water system coming to an end and had started preparing to replace the system.

15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service