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Aquamax 390 Gas Storage Hot Water Repair

Aquamax 390 Gas Storage Service

Jim’s Plumbing has completed multiple Aquamax 390 Litre Gas Storage Hot Water repairs. In one particular case, we received a call from a customer because their unit was producing no hot water at all. This gas hot water sytem’s tank on this model is made of stainless steel, meaning that it is arguably longer lasting because it corrodes significantly less when compared to a copper hot water tank.

Welded joints on this tank are the most susceptible to corrosion because they corrode much faster than other parts. Unfortunately once any part of the tank is corroded, it will need replacement. Thankfully, Aquamax does provide a 10 year warranty on the cylinder, so you do have some protection.

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Jim’s Plumbing focus on providing our customers with long term and cost-effective solutions. For example, we will not install the most expensive hot water service that we know will not last nearly as long. We carefully consider your household needs and draw upon our extensive knowledge and experience of repairs and replacements of hot water systems.

Our plumbers can advise you of all the advantages and disadvantages of different types of hot water systems, so that you have the one that best suits your needs long-term.

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15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service