Jim’s Plumbing Gold Van

As a promotion, Jim's Plumbing have had one of their existing vans, vinyl wrapped in chrome gold. This vehicle wrap portrays the image, that the van is gold plated. However it is as simple as signage commonly seen on many vehicles except for the shiny chrome texture. Since introducing this van to the market, it has gained extensive exposure. Appearing on many Facebook and social media sites and serving its purpose in branding of the name Jims P...Read More

Why am I having Water Hammer?

Why am I having water hammer of water pipes banging during the night when all taps are turned off? This could be number of issues. However, it is important that customers realise that in the situation where there is water hammer that it is a process of elimination which ultimately can end up with the result of no solution. However I would firstly be checking the following as a plumber when I attended:These are the steps of which to follow:...Read More

Rinnai 26 Solar SG175

Today we received a phone call from our repeat customers who had our plumbers out on a previous occasion to unblock the customer storm drains as there we over flowing. As it has been very over cast lately the customer wanted a plumber to attend to service their solar hot water system as it wasn’t as hot as it has been in the past and had not been serviced in some time.Existing Rinnai 26 solar hot water unitSide view of Existing Rinn...Read More

How to Change a Washer on a Mixer Tap

Here at Jim’s Plumbing we deal with a wide range of maintenance and emergency plumbing problems from blocked drains to dripping taps. One of the most common reasons for calling out a plumber is to change a tap washer. Whilst changing a washer on a standard set of separate hot and cold taps is simple, changing a washer on a mixer tap is somewhat more complex.We welcome the opportunity to send a plumber to repair, maintain or install your p...Read More

How to Change a Shower Tap Washer

Changing Shower Tap Washers There’s nothing more frustrating that having to turn your shower taps off as tightly as possible because the washers are worn out and in need of replacement. Replacement of just the tap washers can be far more cost effective than entire tap replacements and can be done relatively easily with just a few small supplies from your local hardware.We welcome the opportunity to send a plumber to repair, maintain or i...Read More

Install Water to Fridges

Fridge InstallationAs it was coming up to summer, one of our regular customers gave us a call at Jim's Plumbing and wanted us to install plumbing so they had cold water available from their water dispenser. Although they had a swimming pool, instant cold water from the fridge was a must for the hot weather!As the customer was due to have people over the next day, they requested us to be there as soon as possible, and so we offered them ...Read More

Laundry Taps Dripping Water

Repair Dripping Laundry TapsLeaking taps are quite a common issue around the house. Although, to ensure that the work is done right, make sure you call a qualified plumber to fix them for you. Such as one of our plumbers from Jim's Plumbing. We take pride in getting the job done quick and properly so you can use your taps without any issues again!This morning a new customer had called Jim's Plumbing to have someone out to fix their leak...Read More

Kitchen Mixer Tap Dripping

Repair Dripping Kitchen Mixer TapHaving a mixer tap in the kitchen is an easy to use option because you have the ability to control the temperature of the stream of water coming out by moving the lever left or right, rather than turning on a singular tap that is either only hot or cold.In the past 20+ years it has become increasingly more common to see mixer taps installed in Australian kitchens. Installing a mixer tap in the kitchen i...Read More

Jim’s Plumbing does the Installation of Bathtubs

Bathtub Installation Today, after calling numerous companies to find the soonest availability of a plumber, a new customer called Jim's Plumbing. They had done a bathroom renovation had bought brand new modern day bathtub and also a sink and taps which they wished to be installed as soon as possible once it had arrived which was to be the following day of the phone call. The job was booked at the customer’s request.Installed BathtubI...Read More

Leaking Urinals Repaired by Jim’s Plumbing

At Jim's plumbing we fix leaking toilet urinals. Urinals come in all different shapes, sizes and types depending on what the customer is trying to achieve in terms of aesthetics. It is also important to consider the volume of people that will be using the urinal as this can alter the style of urinal that will be suitable.Leaking toilet urinals fixed by Jim’s PlumbingThese aesthetically pleasing urinals were repaired by the Jim’s Pl...Read More