Gas Leaks and What to do – Inside and Outside

Gas leak - What to do if you have a gas leak? Gas leaks need to be treated as an emergency as they can cause an explosion if it is ignited or carbon monoxide poisoning which can cause serious illness or can be fatal. Gas is not visible and can normally be detected only through smell. If there is a leak you are normally unable to hear it making a hissing noise as the gas is normally at low pressure within the pipework.In an emergency situat...Read More

Gas Stove Repair Tips

Jim’s Plumbing work on a wide range of appliances such as hot water heaters, ovens, hot plates, room heaters and many more. However, whilst stoves are one of our areas of expertise, stoves do not seem to be a large component of the work that we see on a daily basis.In an emergency situation we are often able to replace gas pipework the same day – and we’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week!When a Jim’s Plumber is called out to ...Read More

DIY Gas Appliance Repair

Some of the gas appliances that the expert plumbers at Jim’s Plumbing repair on a day to day basis include gas hot water systems, gas hot plate and cookers, gas central heating and gas room heaters. One of the major pitfalls we encounter is that when one of our qualified gas technicians attends to repair one of the above gas appliances, parts may not be readily available or even available at all for older units.In an emergency situation w...Read More

How to Check for a Gas Leak

One of the main reasons that our customers contact us here at Jim’s Plumbing is when they suspect that there may be a gas leak in their home or business. The suspicion of a gas leak often stems from a few different indicators. The most common sign of a gas leak is smelling gas inside or outside of the house.In an emergency situation we are often able to replace gas pipework the same day – and we’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week! ...Read More

How to Test for a Gas Leak Using a Manometer

When gas plumbers attend a property suspecting there is a gas leak, normally they will use a tool called a manometer, which will show if there is in fact a leak present. A gas manometer functions by showing a pressure drop in the gas line indicating that there is a leak present somewhere. Here in Australia, there are two different types of manometers commonly used, the first being a water manometer, and the second an electronic manometer. These...Read More

How to Detect a Gas Leak Outside Your Home

Gas leaks are one of the more hazardous plumbing issues encountered by Jim's Plumbers on a daily basis. Here at Jim’s Plumbing we know just how terrifying a gas leak can be for our customers, and as such we believe that these problems are better solved sooner rather than later. If you detect a gas leak in or around your home then contact Jim’s Plumbing immediately on 1300 133 509.In an emergency situation we are often able to replace ga...Read More

Install Gas Ovens and Cookers

Gas Ovens and Cookers InstallationThe call centre staff at Jims Plumbing received a phone call from a regular customer for the installation of a brand new Gas Oven that they were going to purchase. The customer requested for the work to be done the following week once the oven had arrived to their property.The job was booked in for the customers requested time of late afternoon. Once the oven had arrived that day, the fully qualified ga...Read More

Bottled Gas for the House

Where mains gas is not available from the street, many companies elect to go with bottled gas or LPG as it is known (Liquid Petroleum Gas). The bottles come in a range of sizes, but the size you require depends on how much LPG gas is or will be used, where the property and the cylinders are situated.Bottled gas does not work to be anywhere near as cheap as mains gas does, however the convenience of having gas for cooking and also cooling a...Read More

Connecting Gas to BBQ

One of the many jobs that Jims plumbing attends to is connecting gas up to a BBQ, including running the gas pipework. It is normally advisable when purchasing a BBQ that you request that it already converted to mains gas so that it contains a gas regulator for LPG gas.LPG BBQ’s require a different regulator, different burners or injectors as the gases work under different pressures. Bottle gas has a lot greater gas pressure than that of...Read More

Check your home for gas leaks and save lives!

Save the lives of your family and loved ones, and prevent accidents resulting from gas leaks in the home by booking a gas leak check up with us. Jim’s Plumbers’ are trained to detect and fix gas leaks in your home or office – making it a much safer place for you and those around you. With the use of a manometer (an instrument used to detect pressure in gas lines), our plumbers can quickly diagnose if you have a gas leak on your premises. ...Read More